Olive's Island contains a single location point with it's own scene and can be upgraded to Level 4.


Main Kingdom Scenes

Release Date Location Scene Name Search Style XP Reward Ink Reward Max Stars
February 14, 2014 Olive's Island (Location) Love-ly Day Picture 100 Love Ink Yellow Ink Orange Ink Metallic Ink 5 Stars

Unlocking and Upgrades

Stage Image Required Crafting/Items XP Reward Item Reward
1 Olive's Island (Level 1)

Complete Olive's Island (Quest)

2 Olive's Island (Level 2)
Paper House Plus Love Ink Plus Pond
5 3 1
125 XP Paper Doll
3 Olive's Island (Level 3)
Paper House Plus Love Ink Plus Metallic Yellow Plus Waterfall
4 4 4 1
175 XP Paper Doll
4 Olive's Island (Level 4)
Yellow Paper House Plus Love Ink Plus Metallic Orange Plus Gazebo
4 5 5 1
275 XP Paper Doll

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